The Revolution 101-Youth, Social Media, and Arab Revolution

Posted on: April 25, 2011

The Arab revolution has been occupied all the medias and daily talk between people. Still until now people debating about the starting roots of it and what are the main causes of this huge event. The lecture titled by “Revolution 101- Youth, Social Media, and Arab Revolutions” that held in the AUS on 24th of April discussed about three of the most important causes of this revolution by six lecturers each explained the effects from his own point of view. The first cause is the new social media, the lecturer started to explain this point by comparing the old media and news with the new one in the Arab world; since in the past Arab news was mainly talking about the visits between the presidents without considering the external events happening in the world. It had hidden a lot of important events as part of their awareness for their reputation and their position in front of other countries. While Al Jazeera which exampled as the new type of media, it broke the rules and cover the minor details before the major one therefore, al jazeera was labeled as the 1st media channel over the world.  In addition, the lecturers made a comparison between Arab youth and American in the availability of the opportunities. American youth have the ability to do whatever they want and create innovative works without barriers which helps to release all their energy in a way to develop the country. However, for Arabs the case is different; Arab youth do not have the opportunities available for the American youth, so, their energy remains buried to be used illegally at the end to cause problems. Likewise, when the lecturer talked about her experience as a Palestinian grew up and lived in USA. She explained her succeed in media field and reached a high career level in CNN channel is due to her American passport, while if she is carrying the original passport she won’t reach half of what she’s enjoying now. This tragedy fact prevented many Arab passport holders from attaining their actual places in the society, despite the knowledge and creativity they have. Furthermore, Social Network that had been discussed in the lecture is categorized as a main factor that generates the Revolution.  They ignite the Arab people by broadcasting variety thoughts to the society. Twitter has represented the reason for this revolution because it gave its members the opportunity to express their opinion without censorship. The Egyptian revolution initiated from a blog posted in twitter that describes the situation they are suffering.  All in all, although there are many factors led to the Arab revolution, but the three factors discussed in the lecture constitute the summary of all sparks that have led to ignite it.

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