“How Does Watching Scary Movies Affect Your Health? “

Posted on: March 12, 2011

Movies became an essential part of our entertainment life. Our behavior has been affected by the type of movies we watch. Horror movies have the most influential impact on health, attitude, and thoughts. Many people are interested in watching this type of movies as a challenge to beat the unbeaten fear that dwells within them. The article “How Does Watching Scary Movies Affect Your Health? “ Considers the impact of scary movies on people’s health and presents another question, is it in fact unhealthy to watch horror movies?

Although, watching scary movies influenced badly on humans’ health, but it still has some benefits to their body system. Noticeably, the behavior after watching a scary movie such as “Paranormal Activity”, which made a huge controversial to screen it in cinemas, might be modified. Anxiety affects children and adults as a long-term effect, sleeplessness; since the person spend the whole night thinking of the scary scenes, and this will last with him for months before he can manage and get rid of them from his imagination. Moreover, phobias, such as being afraid of dark places, animals, blood, tools, or even from enclosed areas, begin to appear and increase as long as we still expose the eye to such horrific scenes.

In the defense of the case, variety of good changes occurs to the human body during the time of watching the movie. To illustrate, the brain will produce additional energy to the nerves to compensate the lost energy. Even more, fear signals will incite the system to produce adrenaline which is responsible for the pain production and may serve as an anesthetic.

Finally, Horror movies are not extremely bad. Still people wondering about why we love scary movies! The author said “the young men these days feel the need to declare their manhood in other ways, such as watching intensely scary movie” Accordingly, People enjoy watching the extraordinary scenes to give them a strong incentive in facing scary situations.

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